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Sharks Basketball Academy aims to provide all players with the essential skills to achieve success in life and in athletics by reinforcing work ethic, team work, responsibility, and accountability.  We pride ourselves in providing a fun, safe, and competitive atmosphere for all those interested in taking their basketball skills to the next level.

Why the Sharks?

2020 Sharks Logo dropshawdow.png

Our dedication and work ethic as well as our communication skills with young athletes set apart the Sharks Basketball Academy by providing an equal opportunity for all athletes ranging from beginners to future collegiate players. Our system and style of coaching serve as a vehicle for all talent levels to reach their highest potential. This system has proven to be successful by our coaching staff, led by Matt Kelly and Rhys Miles. Together, with over 20 years of successful seasons of coaching entry level players through collegiate athletes. We strive to bring 100% of each and every athlete's potential and confidence out through the game of basketball.

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