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Sharks 17th Annual
High School Tryout Coaches' Clinic

Are you ready for high school tryouts? 
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Do you wonder what high school tryouts are like and what the coaches are looking for? 


Our 2022 Coaches Clinic features High School Coaches who will give you a sneak peak at what high school tryouts are all about. 

This camp is open from 7th through 9th grade students and is limited to 40 spots. The clinic runs for 4 days and will feature 8 different guest speakers from the surrounding high school boys' basketball teams.


These guest speakers will provide:

  • A tryout simulation including details of what coaches look for in a typical tryout

  • A high intensity workout for all the campers

  • A question and answer window to ask any questions about high school tryouts and what to focus on in order to make yourself standout against others trying to make the team



October 24th - 27th, 2022

Clinic Breakdown:

6:30-7:30p Training with Jay Militello & Den Nano

7:30-8:30p Guest Coach #1

8:30-9:30p Guest Coach #2


7th-9th Boys and Girls


Elmwood Park Parks and Recreation

2 Conti Parkway

Elmwood Park, IL 60707


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