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Sharks Basketball Camps

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"Baby Shark Camp"

Open to both boys and girls that want to learn the fundamentals of basketball from relay races to shooting contests. Each session will be composed of both drills and individual/team contests. Prior basketball experience (or ability to make a basket) is not required.

"Baby Shark Camp"

(K-4th Co-Ed)


"King of the Ocean"

Open to any boys who want to improve their skills and advance their knowledge for the game. This camp will feature our "King of the Ocean" shooting and ball handling competition. Teams will be drawn at random and players will compete in one of our unique Shark games including the “Top Predator Tournament,” “33 Jumpstreet,” “Triple Threat” and others. Scores will be recorded and averages will be taken for an opportunity to win custom Shark prizes.

"King of the Ocean"

(5th-8th Co-ED)





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