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16th Annual Alumni League


Sharks Basketball Academy is proud to host the 16th Annual Alumni League.  The League offers an environment for the most experienced members of the Shark family to compete. Graduates from a dozen different local grammar schools participate in the League, along with current and former High School and Collegiate Players. Registration for The League is by invitation only, but ranges from ages 15-28.

In Memory of 52 JM
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Past Award Winners

League Champions

2018 - Team Red

2017 - Team Purple

Alumni League Champs 2018 Red Team
2017 Purple Team League Champs

2016 - Team Red

2016 Red Team League Champs

2015 - Team Red

2015 Red Team League Champs

2014 - Team Malone

2014 Team Malone League Champs

2013 - Team Malone

2013 Team Malone League Champs

John Malone Spirit Award Winners

2018 - Mark Loni

Founder Matt kelly with Alumni Mark Loni

2017 - Nick LaBarbara

2017 Spirit Award Winner Nick LaBarbara

2016 - Paul Biggins

2016 Spirit Award Winner Paul Biggins

2015 - Tom Planek

2015 Spirit Award Winner Tom Planek

2014 - Peter Haefner

2014 Spirit Award Winner Peter Haefner

2013 - Peter Doerrer

2013 Spirit Award Winner Peter Doerrer
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